Rewrite Tomorrow.

We provide excellent healthcare solutions and allow patients to stay engaged in their healthcare.

Our Goal and Mission

  • Our goal is to eliminate wait times, improve the quality of care, improve patient safety, and keep the patient engaged in their own healthcare by improving communication between all stakeholders.

New Generation of Healthcare

DCI Health Technology, (DCI), headquartered in Wisconsin’s thriving medical device and healthcare IT sector, is dedicated to the development of a new generation of smart hospital products, which will provide services like a hotel and comforts like a home. These solutions follow the patient throughout the continuum of care so they can stay engaged in their home or anywhere.

Powered By Foxconn Health Technology Business Group

As the largest electronics manufacturer in the world, Foxconn is ranked 24th in Global Fortune’s Top 500 Corporations in 2018. Foxconn Technology Group is a world pioneer of TFT LCDs, TVs, smartphones, and computer servers, and also providing the best health technology solutions.